Giving Thanks for The Magic

 Wow, is it November 1st already?

Yes, yes it is and that means we have a brand spanking new Magic Happens Magazine for you to enjoy and share!

Of course there are many reasons to invite you to read, and my articles are but 5 of them.

No Time But The Present

Operation Santa Paws

Giving Thanks for November Memories

Everyday Heroes

A Review of The Enchanted Tarot

What were our prompt words this month?


Should be interesting to see what everyone did with those.  Actually, I already know but I offer NO spoiler alerts here… 

Be sure to visit our Book Store because, after all, holiday shopping should be as easy as possible…

Consider joining our ranks, by contacting Kathleen Anne McCarthy (Kat) by ending her an email

Thank you for your continued support of our magazine, writers and advertisers.  We wouldn’t do this for anyone other than YOU!

Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor, The Magic Happens Magazine

15 responses to “Giving Thanks for The Magic

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  2. No Time But The Present is on point! Excellent writing: “All we have any concrete connection to is the present. The past is long gone. The future has yet to arrive. Keeping her focus on the beauty around her will help her cultivate a center of serenity.”

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  3. I would love to, Annette, but just have no time at the moment. Sharing for you.

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  4. I’ll get to reading thees later this evening.

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  5. Sharing now and will head over tomorrow, Annette. I’m in catch-up mode today ❤️

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  6. Annette, No Time But the Present is a powerful piece of writing. Many people might say it’s impossible, but we know it is not. We may find it difficult to stay in the moment as fear causes our minds to wander, but we have the choice to pull our awareness back to the present and focus our intention on a positive outcome within the NOW. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have you in my life, sweet friend ❤

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