I Used To Follow You

It is once again time to play another round of

I Used to Follow You 

 Thanks, WordPress…

That’s right, our favorite bored game has returned just in time to make my life that much more interesting.

believe me, this is NOT a requirement for MY happiness…

The lack of emails over the last few days, did have me wondering if you all were slacking on your blog posts. However, as I have been s-w-a-m-p-e-d with various and sundry tasks, I figured, I’d look into it today.  What I found is that it appears I have stopped following many of you.

what the… 

I did not stop following any of you, however your posts have ceased appearing in my emails.

*curse you, Red Baron

So, until this all gets sorted out, please know I am here.  I still love you and am making every attempt to show everyone’s blog some love in the meantime.

I actually thought you ALL might be doing that write a book in November thing… because I am…  (spoiler alert)


43 responses to “I Used To Follow You

  1. Lol! It is just crazy how all of a sudden the internet gods decide we don’t need to see posts anymore. 🙂 Hugs, and best wishes on the writing!

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  2. This just happens sometimes Annette, I have been there too and it is very annoying. All good luck with your writing 🙂

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  3. I know I have a few bloggers that I follow, that just do not show up in my Reader Feed. I have to search them out to see what they have posted. 😦

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  4. The internet universe being mischievous again 😄 we still love you 😁

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  5. This happens at times. I don’t know why but we are unfollowed and unfollow others just so…

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  6. Yep happened to me a few times now! All the best with that book! 🙂

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  7. I thought I’d gone deaf, the emails were so quiet 😱

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  8. I have the same problem, Annette… over and over again… We work hard to build a following, and WP does things like this to undermine us…
    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday despite the evil gremlins. Hugs.

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  9. This happened to me the other day but just with Sue Vincent’s blog. I got no notifications from her and actually thought she might be ill. Turns out I was magically unfollowed which was a relief.

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  10. Hello. I am here and getting your posts. Hopefully you are there getting mine minus the gremlins.
    All the very best. Good luck with the writing..Chris.

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  11. I really do think there are very few humans over at WordPress,just bots & sometimes they go coo coo!

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  13. Hi Annette,
    I didn’t lose you. I would hate if you lost me…mmmmm LOL

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  14. Good luck with your writing and happy days 🙂

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  15. Seems every time WP tweaks their programming, things get misplaced, rearranged, or flat out lost downstream. They fiddled with the Press This widget over the weekend, so maybe that caused some problems. I stopped email notifications a while back and instead made a file with names, blog titles, and links. This is working well, and aside from not being inundated with emails, I’m very happy not to be the recipient of WP “improvements” ~ at least not in this regard. Hope you get it sorted without much ado, Annette ♥

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  16. I have also experienced this just now Annette and suddenly without re following started getting emails again. Figure that one, maybe Halloween?

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  17. I’m still hearing from you Annette, but I’ve had it happen twice where my email notifications from WordPress get turned off for no reason. I’ve reported it to WordPress, but they can’t explain why it happens. Now, whenever it goes quiet, I click on my profile picture in the top right of my blog, then click on ‘notification settings’, then the ‘reader subscription’s tab and ensure that ‘default email delivery’ is set to ‘send email instantly.’ At the bottom of the same page, I also check that a tick has not appeared in the ‘block emails’ box.

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    • Well, I get them from my blog… I just don’t get them from anyone else’s blogs. When I went and checked a few blogs, I hear from religiously, it said (in the Reader) that I was not following them. But when I went to the actual blog site, it said I was following both in the Reader and via email. Most confusing. That being said, I am going to do what you did and see if that makes a difference. Who knows, this could be an issue with my email (ooh, wouldn’t that be scary, yet another bit of e-confusion. Cheers, my friend. Thank you for the support! ❤

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  18. It is annoying, isn’t it? I have had no end of problems with my blog recently, but hopefully they are sorted now. Good luck with the new book 🙂

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    • Sometimes I feel like this is just the Universe making sure I am not becoming demented. Thanks, I am 99% ready to upload the book for file review. Spent my day working on it because it made me happy. Dealing with quirky Word Press, wasn’t exactly on my “happy” radar today. Perhaps, tomorrow. 🙂

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