Tell Me a Story Annette Rochelle Aben

Okay, this might seem a wee bit strange but YES, I am in the “hot seat” today, here on Tell Me a Story


Now, it will seem a bit strange, because you will not be hearing another voice.  Just so you know, I did NOT come up with the questions I answer.  I reached out to 4 fellow bloggers and asked them this question:

If you could interview me, what 3 questions would you ask me?

I received terrific questions and I thank the following bloggers for their participation in this presentation. Which, by the way, they were NOT told why I wanted the questions, so this is as much a surprise to them as it will be to you.

Here are my interviewers for the podcast today… PLEASE give their blogs some love and FOLLOW them if you do not as yet! 

Chris Graham

Tina Frisco

Judy E. Martin

Sylvester L. Anderson

  I had a blast!  These fine folks, kept me on my toes.   

So nice that I was asked about my books, and here is the link to my Author Central Page where you can find everything I have published to date! 

 Remember, if YOU would like to be a part of the podcast, LET ME KNOW!  I will bring you to the ears of the world on the podcast known as Tell Me a Story 

And thank you for reading and enjoying, The Magic Happens Magazine

* remember, all podcasts are listed in alphabetical order

28 responses to “Tell Me a Story Annette Rochelle Aben

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Annette is secretly interviewed by four bloggers 👍😄

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  2. Uh, I’m almost scared to ask this but what is a podcast, and I couldn’t find any questions anywhere, though I do follow all the above blogs.


    • A podcast is a pre-recorded program and the questions are answered in the program. If you follow the link in the first paragraph above, it takes you to to the page where all the podcasts are stored, in alphabetical order. This means that my particular podcast is first. There is a wee audio player under my name and when you click on the far left side of it, the recording will start. 🙂


  3. I have to listen to this amazing guest you have! 😊

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  5. This was brilliant, Annette! Such an inspiration and a real pleasure to learn more about you. I resonated with everything you said. Thanks so much for the mention. May you always walk with angels, sweet friend 💜

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  6. Hi Annette,
    I love it, you on the hot seat. Great job, but then we wouldn’t think of anything less. HUGS

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  7. BTW the mention of the suicide story blew me away. I didn’t hear the voice of God, but he definitely was there with me that night I tried. Keep holding on to those Angels. HUGS

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  8. How the heck did I miss this? I’m so glad I just found it, because I would otherwise have never known you’re an award-winning cook, Annette. Such a great idea to put the host in the hot-seat and answer some of the questions they usually throw our way. You shared so much with us and I’m so very glad you’ve got to where you are today and that you’re a part of my everyday life.
    Hugs from me.

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  9. What a great idea! I look forward to listening and reading more.

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