Books Make Great Gifts

Well, here it is…


and that means that millions of us will be scouring the internet looking for goodies for everyone on our holiday gifting lists.

I have a terrific suggestion!

Come on now, every one of us knows someone who enjoys reading.  What a fabulous way of showing you care, by giving the gifts of




all wrapped up in a package they will enjoy opening again and again!

Whether you (or they) prefer paperback or Kindle, there are gifts a plenty waiting for you at my:

Amazon Author Central Page

Thank you for the support of not only my books, but literacy as well.  Because books DO make great gifts and everyone deserves a great gift! 


20 responses to “Books Make Great Gifts

  1. Absolutely books make excellent gifts!!!

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  2. You are right, Annette 🙂

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  3. Some good reading to discover!

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  5. Yes, go and get Annette’s books as long as there are some left! They are a wonderful way to get in touch with the angel in you and connects with the angels around you.💖

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  6. You have such a gentle approach to promotion, Annette. It is refreshing ❤

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