Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Experience & New

The excited dog

Ready for the adventure

Of her first snowfall

Before it could hit the ground

She would jump up to meet it

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

5 responses to “Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Experience & New

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  2. Excellent Tanka. I love this and can see a dog having a blast in the snow. ❤

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    • Her name is Remington, she is a German, Short-Haired Pointer and this IS her first winter. What a hoot to watch her race around the yard, chasing the snow flakes and barking for no reason. ❤

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      • Colleen Chesebro

        OMG! She sounds lovely. Those first’s are so fun to watch. One year in Montana we had at least a foot of snow. Spice was quite small and only two years old – tops. She took a running leap off of the back deck and landed in the snow and disappeared! Ron had to go out and rescue her. Sugar watched from the top step. She didn’t want to leave the safety of the deck. LOL! I miss those girls and their exuberance, or lack of – LOL. ❤

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