Being there can mean

You need to step back at times

Giving someone space

They might not get it

Thinking that you have bailed

They let fears surface

But when the smoke clears

They’ll realize you do care

It’s called compassion

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

17 responses to “benevolence

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  2. Gorgeous poem. Very true reflection of the dynamics of various relationships beautifully put across.

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  3. So true, sometimes we have to step back so that someone can get a better understanding.

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  4. Beautiful Annette and you are right 🙂

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  5. well said & understood Annette!

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  6. Exactly, it can be so misunderstood. But we need to stick with our conviction for the purpose of compassion and one day, they will understand!

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  7. I like this one. You got a good heart and you’re pretty smart … for a woman. Okay, okay! Don’t hit me. I was just kidding about the “woman” part. You’re pretty smart … period!!!!

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