numbered days

Hours seem to fly

Seconds can take forever

Years all but vanish

Time’s always moving

We are with it or watching

Amused or confused

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

15 responses to “numbered days

  1. Numbers, one, two an three… Which to be?

    i’ve earned, number two, bargained in blood contract ending with a name, “darkprince” placing me number two, with the power of number one, only can number one overturn, a wish, however must have a good argument.

    A power held by not many, silently in the world, from a very old race, whom were once human an not forgotten…

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  2. Beautiful. I’m also confused. Happy New Year.


  3. Time is such an elusive illusion and yet we are all bound by it. Great post, Annette!


  4. Happy New Year Annette.


  5. Happy New Year, Annette.


  6. Great poem… let’s see how we perceive time this year. Have a very Happy New Year, Annette!!


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