Wet Ink

In response to the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge this week. Topic”



She dug through her purse for the stamps she just bought a week ago. This card needed to be posted today to reach him in time for his birthday.

Cars behind her in line honked impatiently as she absentmindedly popped the card into the box slot in the drive through at the post office.  She waved out the window and pulled away, smiling

The postal worker came to collect the drive through mail. Dodging the automatic sprinklers, he reached for something face down on the ground. It was a goner, as he couldn’t read anything for the wet ink.

32 responses to “Wet Ink

  1. Oh, nooooooooo…!!!

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  3. Oh goodness what you don’t want to have happen. Good tale Annette

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  4. I think about this every time I hand-write an envelope. I haven’t used ink that bleeds for years. Still, when I don’t hear back from someone, I wonder… Terrific, Annette! This is something most everyone will relate to 🙂 ❤

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  5. Oh dear, that is a pity, Annette.

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  6. Good story Annette and she had no idea he wasn’t going to get his birthday card.

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  7. Well-done, Annette. Great use of the prompt.

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  8. Awwwe. And she would be left wondering why he never replied 😦

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  9. Ugh. I know that feeling conveyed in your story. I like that you took a personal incident and embellished it for the flash.

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  11. Oh, no. How sad that he won’t receive the birthday card after all. I hope there wasn’t a monetary gift inside.

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  12. I absolutely love this piece of flash fiction, Annette. Well written and a lovely little twist at the end.

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