Made for Walking

In response to this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge to write a story of 99 words, featuring BOOTS!  

The link is below my story. Head on over to the Carrot Ranch and share!  

Every year, her father and brother ventured up north to scout for the best spot for deer hunting season. This year, she was going along.

Of course, this would include tramping through possibly muddy areas in the cold Upper Peninsula but that just meant having proper gear. BOOTS! The very word, made her shiver with delight as she owned at least 30 pair. But her mud wallowing boots needed to be replaced.

This was a double dream come true for she’d get to buy new boots and the first place she’d wear them was Escanaba! What a lucky gal.


36 responses to “Made for Walking

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  2. LOL! I wear mine to survive the horrid Florida winters. 🙂

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  3. Good one Annette, she sounds a happy girl.

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  4. Interesting! Do you write longer stories as well?

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  5. She had to be clicking her heels!

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  6. Great Annette. I see all these opportunities to write short stories and get feedback, but I’m busy working on book three. I have a speaking engagement in May and I want it completed and published by then. I’m not even halfway through my first round of self-editing yet. I also haven’t picked out a title. Is there a trick to it. My first two book titles came to me after an evening of scotch. Maybe I need to get the bottle out again. HUGS

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  7. Good story. I’d give my eye teeth to own that many boots but sadly I don’t own any. I had to look up Escanaba – apart from being a port town is there any other significance?

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    • Thank you, Irene, Coming from the point of view of the gal in the story, Escanaba is where she spent the majority of her childhood, as her grandparents owned hundreds of acres. The land has long since been sold and she lives downstate, so any opportunity to visit, she takes it.

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  8. She was very lucky indeed, Annette. Great response.

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  9. 30 pairs of boots would take up a lot of space, but I can’t help wondering how many shoes she has too!? Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Wow, she is smart… lol! A real girl!!

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  11. Thirty pair, a bit excessive, but so many seasons and terrains… and then there’s the pair that are warm and fit just so in the snowshoe bindings, the ones under the truck seat just in case, the ones that are worn out but so comfy and so many memories, so yeah, thirty pair…

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  12. Love to see such unbridled excitement and happiness in someone’s voice 🙂

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  13. Oh, I love boots, too! When I got my snow boots, I wanted to prance, Escanaba is such a fun name for a town — one I can pronounce. Great flash, Annette.

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  14. I might have to interview her sometime for a local profile!

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  16. This has to be a true story. I love it. Do you remember the rubber snow boots we wore as a kid? In Wisconsin, we used to wear bread bags (plastic) on our feet before we put our boots on. That way, we stayed dry from the snow. LOL! ❤

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