Tell Me a Story Mr Peace Kevin Szawala

 The Center for Disease Control statistics show that the leading cause of death in children 10-14 is suicide.  Fifteen years ago, it was traffic accidents.  So, what can be done to help children, of all ages learn to love and value their lives enough to NOT want to become another statistic? 

My guest on the podcast today, believes he has some answers.  Join me in welcoming Motivational Youth Speaker,  Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala to Tell Me a Story

This Michigan native, walked away from his advanced business degrees and a successful life in corporate America, to travel around the United States for the past ten years speaking to over ONE MILLION young people. Mr. Peace’s programs cover topics like



 (to name a few)

 Give the show a listen to hear how this remarkable young man is helping to rebuild the lives of hurt and confused children using compassion and age appropriate entertaining presentations  (did I mention he is also a Youth Minister and a rapper with several recordings under his belt) 

If there is a hope for the future, perhaps it comes from reaching hearts and changing lives…

Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala the guest on Tell Me a Story

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36 responses to “Tell Me a Story Mr Peace Kevin Szawala

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    For the sake of your kids, please listen and share this message…
    (18th podcast down the list)

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    Annette Rochelle Aben with some frightening statistics on cause of death of children between 10 and 14 in the USA… her guest on Tell Me A Story is Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala… #recommended

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  3. It is terribly tragic when anyone commits suicide, but sometimes people who do it are desperate. I have attempted it before myself, but at the same time not going through with it teaches how valuable life is and all life is sacred no matter how hard things get. Since getting e-published six months ago and now I am not unemployed anymore I feel as though there is a lot more purpose in life. But always make sure that you have someone to talk to who you feel as though you can trust. It doesn’t matter who it is, but everyone needs someone to confide in.

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  4. How terrible, Annette. A very important topic.

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  6. Such a tragedy that young children are left to feel so hopeless when they have their whole life before them. It those angels like Kevin who reach out to give those in their desperate moments that the world is blessed to have ❤

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  7. Such a sad and emotive subject and like Debby I feel so sad that many young people feel that hopeless and are so disillusioned with life…

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    Reading this I felt sad that these statistics are so high and hopeful that people like Mr Peace are getting that message out there…These kids are our future and we should be doing all we can as adults to help stop these terrible trends of bullying and peer pressure and protecting our children …So please read and share and let’s try to see if we can help change those statistics and kick them into touch…

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    Check out this edition of Tell Me a Story featuring Mr. Peace Kevin Szawala from this post on Annette Rochelle Aben’s blog

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  10. Hi Annette,
    Wow! What a powerful and enabling man Mr. Peace is. Thank you for introducing him to me. I know a man at our church that works with youth, especially teens going into the LGBT community. I’m going to make sure he gets Mr. Peace’s link. It is scary to hear the statistics of suicide among our youth. What is scarier, is the divisiveness of their peers who drive the anxiety and fear (e.g. bullies). It makes me ashamed knowing our youth are a reflection of the adult world they see. If we adults would end the divisiveness and replace it with love, our youth would change too. Go, Mr. Peace.

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    • I am honored to hold space for Mr. Peace and all he stands for. As I have mentioned in previous comments, I have known him for a few years now and I have only seen his mission intensity, increase. I know he will not rest until he sees this turn around. Thank you so much for the reblog ❤

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  12. Great thing to discuss! THanks!

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