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A Most Holy Experience

In response to Charli Mills’ Flash Fiction Challenge, I present to you, A Most Holy Experience.

Here is the link to this challenge, where she spells it out in BLACK & WHITE

They floated, like ghosts, through the hallways of St. Benedict, school. Their feet never made a sound. I’d never seen a nun before and over the next two years, I became fascinated with them.

Faces squeezing through their wimples of white, and covered head to toe in black, to a third-grader, they looked like penguins. And when they were upset with you, magically, a wooden ruler shot out from under their sleeves. Ouch! 

Years later, as I prepared to play the role of Sr. Hubert in Nunsense, I said a grateful prayer for carefully studying the habits of nuns.

Angel Messages February 2 2018

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Thank you for helping me embrace my life, Angels!!!