A Most Holy Experience

In response to Charli Mills’ Flash Fiction Challenge, I present to you, A Most Holy Experience.

Here is the link to this challenge, where she spells it out in BLACK & WHITE

They floated, like ghosts, through the hallways of St. Benedict, school. Their feet never made a sound. I’d never seen a nun before and over the next two years, I became fascinated with them.

Faces squeezing through their wimples of white, and covered head to toe in black, to a third-grader, they looked like penguins. And when they were upset with you, magically, a wooden ruler shot out from under their sleeves. Ouch! 

Years later, as I prepared to play the role of Sr. Hubert in Nunsense, I said a grateful prayer for carefully studying the habits of nuns.

23 responses to “A Most Holy Experience

  1. A hard life that must have been!! Great take, Annette!

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  3. I had nuns in Primary School, a cruel and merciless lot of women sadly stuck in a convent and no where else to go, so they took it out on their students. You are right in that they seemed to float along, the gowns covered their feet and one boy fascinated by them was convinced they had wheels to carry them around.

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  4. So expressive, Annette. I like the details and child’s fascination. 🙂

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  5. Oooh, I also went to a convent, Annette. Sister Agatha introduced me to so many great books and she chose me to play Mary in the School play.

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  6. This is good, Annette. 😀

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  7. I’ve not had the catholic experience, Annette. Love your word play on ‘habits of nuns.’ The ruler, not so much.

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  8. Colleen Chesebro

    Oh, boy! That’s a good one. I went to public school so no nuns but I gave the Lutheran Pastor enough headaches for years to come. LOL! 😀


  9. I enjoyed how you wrote from your childhood perspective and ended with how the adult used the information. A good way to process a story, Annette.

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  11. I, too, enjoyed your pun at the end.
    -And, your child-perspective.

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