Honoring a Woman with a New Book

In honor of the birth anniversary of my sister, Lorraine Parent, I am announcing the paperback release of my new book:

Why choose today? Because Lorraine drew the COVER ART!  Yes, my amazingly talented sister gave me permission to use this drawing and I wanted to celebrate her gift as well as the gift of her life at the same time. Thanks Sis!

 A Haiku Perspective 2018 is a year of my life, presented through poetic observations. While it’s not your mother’s Haiku, each poem is laid out a traditional haiku format of 17 syllables spread out over 3 lines. Even if the poem is longer than 3 lines, it still maintains the 5-7-5 syllable line count for every 3 lines.

Those who have already seen this book, tell me they laughed, they cried and they went back and read certain pages over again just because. It makes me feel good to know that what I felt translated to the words and that the emotion with which each piece was created was relatable.

 What more could a poet ask for??  Head over to my Author Central Page and buy my book!  (gee, I guess I didn’t put that in the form of a question, sorry)  Seriously, this is my 12 self-published book and I am thrilled to add it to the family!

We invite to come by for cake and ice cream (chocolate of course) And we invite you to pick up your very own copy of A Haiku Perspective 2018


34 responses to “Honoring a Woman with a New Book

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    NEW RELEASE from Annette 😃

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  2. Hey, that’s awesome 👏Congratulations on a new release! 😊

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  3. Congratulations, Annette! Cheers to you and your sister Lorraine! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations my friend!

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  5. Reblogged this on colleenchesebro.com and commented:
    Annette has released a new book of Haiku poetry! I have to share because the fairy on the cover is one of my favorite drawings by her sister. Have a peek and enjoy Annette’s poetry. ❤

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  7. Congratulations Annette. and will feature on Monday in the update.. lovely cover.. and Happy Birthday to Lorraine.. hugs ♥

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  8. My, is that wonderful!! Congratulations on your new book and how cool is it that it is a collaboration between sisters!! Fantastic 😊

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  9. Congratulations on your new book, Annette! Lovely cover art by Lorraine. Wishing her a Very Happy Birthday. ❤

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  10. Congratulations on your new release, Annette! Your sister’s illustration is wonderful! I wish you all the best, my friend.😊💕 Sharing!

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  11. Annette, congratulations on your new book and yes, I love the cover art too! Your sister is very talented! Karen 🙂

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  12. Congrats, Annette. And wow, that cover is exquisite. You have a talented family. ❤ Happy Birthday to your sister. 🙂

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  13. Way to go, Annette. Congratulations. Looking superb. 😀

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  14. Congratulations, Annette! A wonderful tribute to Lorraine. Please pass on my Happy Birthday wishes. And hugs to both of you, sister ❤❤

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  15. Oh my goodness, how did I miss this post? And after you talking about the book over on my blog? Many congratulations, Annette. 💕

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