Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you for your attitude of gratitude!

Blessings come disguised as what we may consider trouble. If we can take a moment to see the power of choice, the blessing will be revealed.

Affirmation: I intend to see confusion as an opportunity for clarity!

I appreciate you. Love, Annette Rochelle

18 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. We are too busy anticipating hurdles… with my history, i did this. Now i am so grateful for the little things which has turned out to be major blessings. Like the stray cats we rescued.

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  2. A good way to look at it, Annette. Hugs.

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  3. Wonderfully said. Confusion is nothing else than things getting into a new order.

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  4. I love this affirmation!

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  5. Always looking through the surface of things. Thank you, Annette!!

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  7. Thank you for the reminder!!! Big hugs!


  8. So uplifting! ❤

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  9. Be the creator instead of the victim… Fantastic insight, sister! Bug hugs to you ❤

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