Tell Me a Story Margot Kinberg

 Be sure to tell her how much you enjoyed this presentation, or risk ending up in her next novel!

Okay, she NEVER said that… I did

Welcome Crime Fiction writer, Margot Kinberg to the podcast today.

When I asked her to visit with us on Tell Me a Story, I knew we’d be in for a good time. She has a lot to share about writing and of course, her new book, Downfall. You’ll want to make sure to connect with her on her blog,  Margot says that she hopes people will be glad they came, when they visit her there.  There’s plenty to enjoy including her Crime Fiction News Breaks.

Thank you for listening to the podcast with our guest today, Crime Fiction writer, Margot Kinberg, on Tell Me a Story, which is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network.

* Remember, all podcasts are posted in alphabetical order


8 responses to “Tell Me a Story Margot Kinberg

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  3. There’s so much potential for intrigue on university campuses. “Flex your thought wings” would make a good slogan 🙂 Lovely interview, Annette ❤️

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  4. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this edition of Tell Me a Story, Annette Rochelle Aben’s great podcast. This one features Author Margo Kinberg. I had the pleasure of appearing on this podcast as a guest in the past and Annette does a great job. It’s really worth a listen. Check out the details from this post on her blog.

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