happy tails

The harness fits well

So many trees to check out

A new neighborhood

Strange pups behind chain link fence

Perhaps one day they’ll be friends

©2018 Annette Rochelle Aben

14 responses to “happy tails

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  2. Love the poem and the image. 🙂

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  3. Sounds like fun for your pup, Annette.

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    • My buddy brought her new “baby” over to meet me yesterday. As I use a walker, we didn’t want to scare her, so we talked through the glass door. It was successful, we liked each other. Next. we’ll bring her in the house here and see if we get along in close quarters. She likes to jump up and we were afraid she would knock me down… I love me some doggies

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  4. Aw, a puppy’s perspective. So sweet 💖

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  5. I want a picture!!!! He he…I miss my puppy already…

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  6. Erika, no, this is not my puppy, she is my buddy, Lynn’s new dog. A real doll and because she is a rescue with some special needs, we are taking care to introduce her to friends, etc. slowly and thoughtfully. We want her to feel comfortable and enjoy visiting.


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