Angel Messages June 17 2018

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

You got that right Angels!!!

20 responses to “Angel Messages June 17 2018

  1. So true…it may be the best part. 😀

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  2. Angels are always welcomed

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  4. In an ideal world, such a statement might be true. However, we know it is not. Thousands of children have been ripped from the arms of their families along the border states. Child Protection workers are over burdened and lack credible resources. As a former CPS worker and Therapist, I bore witness to too many lives that never will have a “Childhood”.


  5. Celebrate the child in us!! 😀

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  6. And this is simply wonderful! Thank you, angels💖

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  7. And oh, how quickly it gets buried as we are forced to be so-called responsible adults.

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  8. robbiecheadle

    It is a much bigger part for some people, Annette [smile]

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