Self Care Activity Day 9

Day 9


 Set out the china. Eat with the silverware. Drink your water from your crystal stemware. Oh, and spread the linen table cloth under the place mats and enjoy the feel of a washable napkin!

18 responses to “Self Care Activity Day 9

  1. There is nothing like an excellent dining experience, Annette.

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    Treat yourself like the Star You Are 👍

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  4. I stopped keeping the good stuff for later. Every day is a reason to celebrate!

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  5. You know, that’s the best idea I’ve heard for ages. It could stop me just stuffing myself in front of the tv.

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  6. I used to do this when I still had good china, but after many moves and downsizing, I only have regular everyday dishes. But, hey, sometimes it’s paper plates, so today it will be real dishes. 🙂

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