Attitude of Gratitude December 19 2018

Thank you, for your Attitude of Gratitude

Hustle and bustle takes a lot of energy. That energy has to come from somewhere. Make sure you make time for YOU right now!

Affirmation:  I make replenishing my energy, top priority! 

I love you, Annette Rochelle Aben

12 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude December 19 2018

  1. Divine timing on this one, thank you Annette. ❤ xX hugs x

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  2. Can’t let ourselves burn out beforehand

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  3. Sometimes you have to just make it through. It is ok when it is short and temporary. I learned to pull the plug once I see that the circumstances or (seeming) obligations are occupying me too much. I don’t let that happen anymore. Awesome advice, Annette!

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  4. During these hectic pre-holiday days, that’s a must! Thanks for the reminder!

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