Attitude of Gratitude January 30 2019

Thank you, for your Attitude of Gratitude:

Take a moment to look around you. You created it; all of it! So, remember that you can always take that power and create again!

Affirmation: I have the power to create and I use it to make my world a better place!

I love you, Annette Rochelle Aben

13 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude January 30 2019

  1. Reblogged this on Campbells World.

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  2. Yes, that should be my mantra: Create. Create. Create!

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  3. Yay, keep talking lady [smile]

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  4. A proactive affirmation!

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  5. I am about to although it is difficult to see how long it takes until the beauty shows up…. lol.

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  6. Consciously creating cute content 😊

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