Who Are You

You are our son

Handed to us moments after your birth

We looked into your eyes to see questions deep and mysterious forming

How do birds fly?

Why do I have to eat vegetables?

Can I stay up later?

Who are you?

Let’s answer the last question first

We were chosen by:

Someone who cared enough to make certain you would have a loving home

Someone who wanted you to have better than they could offer

Someone who thought your father and I would be good parents

That, dear son, is who we are

As for the other questions

We will find those answers and more, together

Your curiosity and our desire to help you make sense of the world will help us bond

We will grow through this life together, as a family

While we may not have brought you into this world

From the moment we took you in our arms, we became your parents

And in our hearts, you have always been and will always be our son, forever

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

In celebration of the recent birth of a baby boy, released for adoption to a childless couple. I have known the adoptive mother for 2 decades and becoming a mother after many years of struggle with fertility issues, is as great a miracle as the birth of this beautiful boy! God Bless us, everyone!  I would share his picture, but I am respecting their privacy at this time.

27 responses to “Who Are You

  1. I wish that ALL children were born, or adopted, by loving parents, Annette 🤗❤️🤗

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  2. What a lovely tribute!

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  3. This is profoundly poignant, Annette. As a mother myself, I can only imagine that feeling. Thank you so much for sharing this most wonderful experience of this couple with us.

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  4. Reblogged this on davidbruceblog #2 and commented:
    A masterpiece!

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  5. Such a blessing for both ❤️

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  6. What a beautiful poem, Annette.

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  7. How awesome! May they all be blessed with the beauty that is parenthood. i have goosebumps ❤

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  8. The words touched me. The sentiment washed over me. The reality made me smile. The joy and happiness the couple are experiencing has enriched my life from so far away. Thank you.

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