Bed Fellows

A little girl needed a room of her own, especially when her siblings closest in age, were all boys. She was given the space off the bathroom. A space normally used for storage. Besides, she could lock the door. She could find privacy there.

She didn’t mind sleeping on an old mattress, covered in quilts. There was a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling, so she could read. She gladly traded the feel of the mice running across her legs at night over her father’s demands. She chose to sleep in mouse turds rather than her own blood.

 Written for Charli Mills’ 99 word flash fiction challenge for March 7, 2019. A story about MICE. 

20 responses to “Bed Fellows

  1. That’s powerful and heart-wrenching. Well- done!

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  2. So powerful in so few words, Annette. My goodness; it’ll make anyone reading it gasp in horror at the thoughts of the scene you built up. But well done for doing that.

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  3. Oh, wow, that is poignant, Annette.

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  4. Poor child, to have to choose at all. Beautifully written, Annette.

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  5. Hey Annette, good to see you at Carrot Ranch! This connects our mittens. 😉 Wow, what a powerful flash, and such determination in one so young. That’s a great piece of grit lit.

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  7. This is some scary stuff!

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  8. Michael B. Fishman

    Very sad and a very powerful 99 words there.

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