She always hated camping. The bugs, sleeping on the ground, and the weird outhouse bathrooms. Yuck! Here at her grandfather’s place just outside of Bouche, Quebec, Canada, they may have been in a cabin, but it was still like camping. Hauling water in a bucket from the lake to wash dishes, to cook with, and wash your hands with before meals. Yuck!

And there was that hateful outhouse! Only during the day, of course. At night, there were buckets in each of the two bedrooms. Buckets that had to be washed out the next day before hauling the water.

In response to Charli Mills’ call for entries to her 99-word Flash Fiction for March 21st, the theme is based around a bucket of water.  Care to participate? Follow this link…


24 responses to “Yuck

  1. DOUBLE YUCK for using the water buckets 😱😱😱

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  2. Yuck is right! Great response to the challenge, Annette! 😀 xo

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  3. She would have hated my childhood 😉

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  4. Margot Kinberg

    Wow! That’s a true story, Annette? No wonder you hated the situation. Yuck, indeed! But your story is excellent and evocative.

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    • My Grandfather was a grandson of the Chief of the Ottawa Indians. He tried living like a “white man” for quite a while but in the end.. he just couldn’t. So yes, this was his summer home on a lake across from these mountains. We never knew him and the year after he died, my father took us to the cabin for a vacation. (uh) Drinking water, was actually something we got into the canoe or rowboat for and paddled across the lake to the mountains where we’d hike to a clear stream, fill our containers (no, not those metal buckets) and paddle back to the dock. Because my mother accidently blew up the outhouse the 2nd day we were there, we ended up staying with my Grandfather’s brother in a real house for the rest of the vacation. whew… Glad you liked the story, it was a remarkable experience (I was probably 13 at the time).

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  5. Nooooo😱 Yuck, indeed!!

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  6. 😱Oh, my goodness, there are no words from me about this, apart from these I’ve put in this sentence. Oh, and to say what a fabulous true story.

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  7. This is very vivid, Annette. Well done.

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  8. Oh, yuck! That reminds me of a story my grandfather used to tell about my grandmothers kin — he swore that the chamber pot from the night before was on the woodstove boiling beans the next day. 😀

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  10. Yea, I wasn’t fond of those days, either.
    Nice piece.

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