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The Pup That Nearly Wasn’t

  “Can we keep him, mom?”

Of course, they had already been told that ALL five of the puppies would have to find homes. They would keep Lady, the momma dog, but not the pups. But the pup they wanted to keep was no ordinary dog, he was Fatso Fogarty, the pup that nearly wasn’t.

Only two months earlier, Lady, heavy with a load of unborn pups, gave birth while the family was on vacation at the lake. The little family of five, watched wide-eyed as the miracle of birth played out in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and old towels. Four pups, cleaned off by Lady, snuggled in a heap, next to her warm body. Everyone basked in the glow of puppy love for a few minutes before getting on with their own evening. Heck, they hadn’t even had the chance to unpack their suit cases before Lady’s water broke.

The youngest child lingered a little longer, her five-year old’s curiosity peaked as she noticed yet, another sac emerging from the sleeping momma dog.

“There’s another puppy!  Look, another puppy!”

Everyone looked and sure enough, there was another puppy. But Lady was exhausted from the ordeal of birthing the other four and showed little interest in cleaning off this one. Dad grabbed a cloth and some warm water. He wiped the umbilical sac off the puppy, even though it appeared the pup wasn’t breathing. But he kept gently rubbing the pup’s still little body.

“Come on, pup. Breathe! Breathe!”

Tears welled up in the eyes of the three children. Even their mother held back sobs. This couldn’t be happening. Everyone wished as hard as they could wish, please don’t let this puppy die. And just when it looked as though it was too late, the puppy took in a sudden rush of air and exhaled with a whimper. He was alive!

One by one, each of the pups found their fur-ever homes with new families. Fatso, by now, twice the size of the others, was the only one of the five left. Everyone who saw him, wanted him but not as much as the little family who didn’t have the heart to give away the pup that nearly wasn’t!

This is my entry for the Bloggers Bash 2019 writing competition. We had to use the word FIVE as a guide.


Angel Messages March 24 2019

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

You’ll give them wings, Angels!!!