Oh Tannenbaum

My response to the Carrot Ranch call for entries for 99 word Flash Fiction pieces about a tree. Thank you, Charli Mills, for this fun challenge. Join in the fun at:

Carrot Ranch

The local radio station announced they were reviving a time-honored tradition for the holidays. The Carol Tree would “dance” to the music and all were invited to gather around to witness the jolly sight.

She had never heard of such a thing but needed to be there. It did not disappoint! Bright colored strings of holiday lights were blinking in time to the rock and roll oldies pumped through the speakers at the base of the stately pine tree. Oh, so much fun and it was difficult to know who had a better time, the people or the tree.

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

19 responses to “Oh Tannenbaum

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love the visual imagery here!! Well done!

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  2. Even the tree was getting its groove on!

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  3. This is so much fun, Annette.

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  4. Now that’s the way to rock out with a tree! I wonder if trees enjoy it when we humans dance around them. I’d like to think they do!

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  6. What a lovely and festive story, Annette! In the little while I was reading I felt in a holiday spirit. Fun! ❤ xo

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