Tell Me a Story Kevin Morris

It is with great pleasure, we welcome author, blogger, poet, Kevin Morris to the podcast titled Tell Me a Story

Kevin hails from England and shares his life with his constant companion, his guide dog, Trigger. Check him out and you will find that reading his books is joyful and following his blog will bring a daily smile to your face. This prolific author, took some time of out his busy schedule to share what he’s done, what he is up to and where he is headed. More than enough reasons to lend an ear.

On his blog, you will find all the links to his social media outlets, as well as how you can obtain his books. So be sure to FOLLOW Kevin Morris and let him know what you think of this PODCAST  as he will be delighted to hear from you!

 *all our podcasts are listed in alphabetical order

Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network!


36 responses to “Tell Me a Story Kevin Morris


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    Check out Kevin’s podcast – and those of all the other authors and poets 😀

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  3. Many thanks for interviewing me and for posting this podcast, Annette. Best wishes – Kevin

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    I was delighted and honoured to be interviewed by Annette Rochelle Aben on Friday 7 June. During my interview I talk about the writing process, my life and read several of my poems. Please do visit the original post. Kevin

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  6. Wonderful interview! Loved it!

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  7. Lovely interview! Thank you so much for your efforts, Annette! Best wishes, Michael

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  8. A great interview with Kevin, Annette. He has such a lovely speaking voice. I also learned a poem in school that I remember fragments of. It make a great impression on me.

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  9. As always, a great interview with Kevin, Annette! I love this series and look forward to learning new things about people. Thank you both, for sharing! ❤

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  10. I’m heading over to listen to Kevin’s interview!

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  11. I am enjoying Kevin’s dialogue greatly! I love his accent!

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