Tell Me a Story Teagan Geneviene

Well now, who doesn’t enjoy a good story? One of the best story creators, stops by the  PODCAST today. Welcome, the talented, author/blogger Teagan Geneviene

She entertains, informs and is always up for a challenge, so in this podcast, she not only TAKES the CHALLENGE from yours truly but makes it seem effortless.

Curious, well, you’ll have to listen to figure it out

FOLLOW her BLOG for the aforementioned reasons as well as to feel the encouragement from a woman who is chasing her dreams, one word at a time! Thank you, Teagan Geneviene, for hanging out with Tell Me a Story

*all podcasts are listed in alphabetical order

Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network!

27 responses to “Tell Me a Story Teagan Geneviene

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  2. I am enjoying the podcast. Thanks for bringing it to us. It’s great to learn a little more about Teagan.

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  3. Happy hump day, Annette. Huge thanks for hosting me. It was so much fun to chat with you. Hugs on the wing!

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  4. Wonderful conversation, Teagan and Annette.

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  5. I’m officially annoyed. Facebook won’t let me share a post about this… 😦

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  6. How lovely to see Teagan featured here, Annette.

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    Teagan Geneviene is Annette’s guest on ‘Tell Me a Story”

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  8. Nice interview, Annette. You’ve got a great collection of interviews.

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  9. Fantastic!!!! I love this!

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