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Normally, I write a poem most days and of late, I have not been doing that… I am out of my element and have been since Friday, July 26th, when I was taken, by ambulance to a local hospital.

Surgery was done on Sunday, July 28th and I am now sitting here in the bed with a machine (wound vac) attached to my right leg, to drain the infection out of my leg through the opening in it.

So, I had my sister bring my laptop, so I can stay in the loop as much as possible and I may feel the urge to write at any time. But, when there are nurses, Doctors, aides, etc. who are popping in whenever it is best for them, I have precious little time to myself, except when I am sleeping (which I am doing like a new born baby does)

It appears I may be in here for the rest of the week. They are being thorough with their tests and care. Everyone wants me to be able to go home as soon as possible but they want to make sure I do not have to come back.

Thank you for ALL the prayers and support for me and my family, they have been scared to death (not that there is any reason for it) because I am not someone who EVER gets sick. I am not sick, but I have a medical situation that requires the attention of professionals.

God Bless you all!  Take good care of yourselves and know that your health is worth the world.


Angel Messages July 29 2019

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With you be my side, Angels!!!