She prays

Every day

This is the week

She gets to go home

She’s been here eight weeks now

The frustration has begun

No one tells her the same story

They all shrug their shoulders when she asks

Please, tell me when you will let me go home

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

14 responses to “Naomi

  1. Hang in there Annette. It’s hard when a stay in a care facility seems to drag on forever, but you will go home, and when you do, you will be well enough to stay home.

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  2. On follow up: If that was a story about someone else, please pass my comment on to her. 🙂

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  3. I’m so sorry Annette. I can’t even imagine. If talking will help, then call. I’ll listen. Great big hug.

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  4. What I mean by sob. Is that being away from home is sob worthy. Especially when it is not your own choice!

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    • No worries. Each of us here knows, we are here because our physical conditions require care we cannot get in our homes. Naomi appears to be healed and ready but blood work, etc tells a different tale. I have an outward physical sign that gives the indication that healing is still in process. It can be frustrating.

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  5. Love and healing prayers for you and Naomi, Annette… ❤

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  6. Oh, my, enough is simply enough…

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