My response to this week’s 99 Word Flash Fiction challenge from Charli Mills. She offered the prompt: TRUE GRIT. I must say, anyone who dares to try, against the odds, displays, true grit!   Check her out each week and have some fun with the other folks at the Carrot Ranch

“You can do this! Keep breathing.”

The physical therapist was encouraging but firm. Of course, she could do it, in spite of the fact that her body would shake as though it wasn’t as certain.

Every day, she could stand was a victory over the weeks she’d spent in a hospital bed. Every day she could move her feet forward even an inch, she was one step closer to the door.

So, here was the walker. She steeled herself for standing and with one loud, YES, I CAN! she rose and gripped the walker with firm and determined hands.

20 responses to “determination

  1. I love that determination! Each step is a victory!

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  2. Determination is a good friend to have! Step on!!

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  3. Been there and got the shirt. One small step repeat as necessary. True grit

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  4. Excellent, Annette. That’s true grit. 🙂

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  5. A strong will, determination, conviction, and endurance… A combination that breaks limits!

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  6. Yes we can! ❤ Reminds me of my knee surgery in 1997–four months to learn how to walk again… And YES, I did it! xo

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  7. Hooray, Annette, you go girl.

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  9. Gritty story, Annette. Well done.

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