A Case of Big Amy

Charli Mills invites everyone to participate in her weekly 99-word flash fiction challenges. This week, the prompt was to write about someone unremembered. My piece is a fictional case of bigamy.  Try  your hand with this prompt or any of those on the horizon by FOLLOWING the Carrot Ranch

Magic was in the air, as the blushing bride was dressed for her big day. As Amy’s fingers traced the intricate beadwork that created hearts on the bodice of her gown, she closed her eyes as if to make time stand still

The guests seated in the sanctuary chattered excitedly; soon they would witness the event many thought would never happen. After all, the bride had waited so long to find the right mate!

The man with sad eyes fought tears. He knew he had to speak or forever hold his peace. Legally, she was still married to him.

18 responses to “A Case of Big Amy

  1. Oh, what a great twist at the end of this! And your use of perspective really makes it work! Well done

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  2. Now that is a spoiler, Annette.

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  3. Kill him. Kill that man with the sad eyes. He must not ruin it for her!

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  4. Well deserved Kudos! 🙂 xo

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  6. Oooh, Annette, I don’t know what to wish for – him holding his piece or not.

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  7. Nooooo! 😮 Oh, this is good! Let the drama begin. ❤ xo

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