Wear it Well

“Make it look just like the fall leaves,” she told the hair stylist. “I want to see all the beautiful colors each time I turn my head!”

It took hours, weaving the different colors throughout her flowing tresses. Each was a blend of several shades, to create the desired outcome. Bright red, burnt orange, rose gold, pale yellow and rich copper, soon covered most of her natural, warm brown.

When the blow dryer stopped, the anxious client was turned toward the mirror to view the stylist’s handiwork. Everyone gasped as Willow’s hair cascaded over her shoulders in autumn splendor.

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, she titled: Copper.


24 responses to “Wear it Well

  1. I love the visual imagery here! And what a great idea for a hairstyle, too!

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  2. Sounds lovely… though the willows here are golden now 😉

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  3. Wow, you really inspired me for my next visit to the hairstylist!

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  5. Beuatiful – and a great accompanying photo. 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on ckbooksblog and commented:
    Love this!

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  8. Wow! That would be a sight to see. 🙂

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