In response to Charli Mills’ weekly 99-word Flash Fiction prompt: Day of the Dead

I can only hope I did this with enough reverence for this cultural tradition of celebration!

When we were little, most children prepared for trick or treating, while we built altars. Dear Angelitos were invited into our homes on October 31st. Bringing all spirit children together with earthly children.

The next day, All Saints Day, we were welcoming the spirits of all our adult family members. They celebrated with us joyfully for we were all together again.

We gathered at the cemetery on All Souls Day recognizing the connection of family and friends between those on earth and those in heaven.

In my world, there is no death. Only transitions. Because, I grew up, Mexican.

13 responses to “Traditions

  1. What a lovely way to think about death, and about those who’ve died. I think you did the tradition justice (but I don’t have Mexican heritage).

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  2. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    Very nicely done.
    Each post I read about the days after Halloween leads me to more glorious knowledge.

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  3. All Saints Day over here and in most countries in Central Europe today. Still the same, going to church and/or visiting the graves of our loved ones.

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  4. Awesome, Annette. This share made me smile. ❤

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  5. I really liked this, Annette. Well done.

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  6. Annette, this story expresses the beauty of connectivity and the special way this holiday celebrates transitions.

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