Recipe For Success

This week, Charli Mills asked to write about WINNING! Here is my offering and if you ask nicely, I just may share that winning chili recipe one day!

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Her brother had just gotten a big break, starting work for a local soup and sandwich shop. The hope was that this job would provide him the opportunity to shine with his creative culinary skills.

She received notice of a chili cookoff with prizes for home cooks as well as professionals. Why not enter! If she won, she could give the recipe to her brother, and he could make it at the shop. This just might kick start his career.

She was able to perfect the white, chicken chili recipe. And it won second place. Alas, the shop closed.

12 responses to “Recipe For Success

  1. This is a nicely-layered, thoughtful sort of story. And I would love that recipe!

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  2. Oh, that is unfortunate, Annette.

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  3. Do I see a food truck in his future? 🙂

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  4. Oh, that was not as planned… but… what is plan B?

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  5. Ah, so close. But I’m left feeling that they will try again. We need such mutual support, don’t we? And great story construction, too!

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