Angel Messages December 8 2019

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Yes, Angels!!!

9 responses to “Angel Messages December 8 2019

  1. A beautiful and insightful message. Either we are kind or we aren’t, right? An inner concept.💖

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  2. This one hits hard. We have a BIG problem in this county with dog fighting rings. At one time, we didn’t have a fence and our dogs stayed close to home but still roamed a couple of blocks. So did everyone else’s. Then dogs started disappearing. Monsters in human form were getting animals for dog bait or to use in dog fights.

    Our yard is fenced and gates locked (one of their ploys is to open a gate, entice a dog out, and then keep the gate open so you think it was your fault).

    Angels in human form protect those who love them, and no other creature — if loved — is more protective or loving than your dog.

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  3. We have to show them some love, they are a part of our life’s cycle

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