Somewhere Out There

The tale of Rainbow the library cat’s escape is what we were challenged with writing about this week. Charli Mills knows how to make a writer think! FOLLOW her for all the fun and excitement!

Rainbow grew up in the library, having been left on their doorstep in a box of donated books when he was a mere three weeks old. Everyone doted on him to ensure he would survive. He grew up lazing in laps, being read to.

His favorite lap belonged to an elderly blind woman whose granddaughter brought her every day precisely at two. For a delightful hour, everyone was happily lost in a book.

Rainbow was confused, the old woman hadn’t been in for a week. Believing he could, when no one was looking, he slipped out to find her.

©2020 Annette Rochelle Aben

13 responses to “Somewhere Out There

  1. What a noble reason to leave the library. Of course there is a next chapter… what happens next?

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  2. Oh, this really has so many layers, even for such a short story! Well done!

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  3. What an adventure that awaits Rainbow. Now he’s back in the bog, bad, world, I hope he makes it back to the library once his adventure is over. I’m hoping the old lady was just a little too tired to attend that week.

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  4. Aw, sweet Rainbow has a heart for the woman.

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  6. This was sweet. Hope the elderly woman is alright

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  7. Aww, very poignant, Annette.

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