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If Charli Mills only knew… I’d eat dirt if it tasted like lemons! So, I fell in love with this week’s  Carrot Ranch challenge right off. Though I have never made a lemon tart, I have eaten my fair share. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll whip up a batch!

When they were little, people referred to them as the Lemon Tarts as the only treat they ever brought to the church bake sale were lemon tarts. Of course, they had no competition, for no one dared to challenge them the way an ordinary chocolate chip cookie might demand. One must be rather dedicated to perfecting a lemon tart!

Over time, the tarts advanced in age, and like their bite-sized lemon goodies, they remained favorites of the congregation and fans of the bake sale. To honor their steadfast contributions and their age, they became the bake sale Lemon Queens!

©2020 Annette Rochelle Aben

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