My Beatles Birthday

One of my favorite songs is the Lennon/McCartney classic When I’m Sixty Four!

And it is especially poignant this year, as this IS my 64th birthday! (woo hoo) Which is why I call it my Beatles birthday…

I am most grateful for all of my years and have no problem stating, and owning my age. It is a milestone many have been deprived of experiencing. AND I have earned each and every grey hair, wrinkle, and creaky bone! So why not display them with enthusiasm!

A couple interesting things about this particular birthday is that number one, it is the second year in a row I have spent my birthday in a rehab/nursing home and it is the first I will NOT be allowed to spend it with family and friends due to the virus that has swept the planet. At least last year, I could have visitors and we partied heartily. Still, don’t cry for me Argentina! I have a smile on my face as I have figured out how to have an even bigger party than last year! For I have a way for everyone to join in and it won’t cause you to travel or cost a penny! I am asking everyone to hold a thought for me, to see and feel it as reality!

Yup. this is it!  HOME BY CHRISTMAS!  Everyone has to aspire to something and this is it for me!! Every time I cross your mind, smile, think this in your thoughts, and hold it in your heart! Your love and support is the greatest gift I could ever ask for and receive.

Heck, you can even ask others to join in; even those who have no idea who I am, they might enjoy it… 

S0 Eat the cake if you like (personally, I like banana cake with white frosting). Devour the ice cream if you dare (keep in mind I love vanilla bean). And raise the glasses in a toast (I will be chugging a cafe mocha). And help me celebrate my Beatles birthday from now until I take the ribbon off my front door and cross that threshold for the first time since July of 2019!  Thank you so much.

Love you all to the moon and back!

Annette Rochelle




46 responses to “My Beatles Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Annette! This one has being going round in my mind too lately… hoping I might yet get to celebrate it 😉

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  2. Ah, Annette, I am sorry you can’t have visitors, that is a shame. Never mind, you are getting better and I will prayer that you get home for a lovely family Christmas.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Call over and celebrate Annette’s birthday in the Nursing Home with her 🎉🎉🎉

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  5. Happy Birthday, Annette – and may you have a very happy Christmas at home with your family! ❤ xxx

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  6. Happy birthday, Annette! I’m sending all sorts of good wishes and Home By Christmas vibes! Wishing you well as you get through this process of getting better.

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  7. Happy Beatles Birthday, Annette!

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  8. Happy Happy Birthday my dear!! Home for Christmas is my wish for you. xo

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  9. Happy birthday Annette! Great theme song choice!

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  10. Happy Birthday Annette! And all best wishes for a Christmas at home this year.

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  11. ♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ♫ Sending healing thoughts, lots of love and continuing prayers, dear Annette. 🙏🙏🙏 May your birthday wish become your Christmas blessing… 🎄💖xoxoxo…

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  12. Happy Birthday, Annette! Just this day i got again email notices from WP, which they had denied this for months. I hope you are well. Please stay save, but enjoy life. Michael

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  13. Happy birthday, Annette!

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  14. Happy Birthday Annette. Sending wishes, visualization, and every good vibe to your gift of being home by Christmas!
    Many happy returns. Love & hugs winging your way.

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  15. Happy Birthday, Annette you young chick you. 🤗

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  16. my 64th is in a month Annette!
    I have that album is a picture disc. It’s hanging on my wall.
    I will send special bear birthday wishes for you! My eagle friend will drop off a feather for you. You can make one wish with it!

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  17. petespringerauthor

    I was quite touched by this post, Annette, and decided to reach out and wish you my best. I have to imagine it’s a bit tough mentally to be away from home for so long, but I love your attitude. I’m only a couple years behind you, as I’ll be 62 in December. I also believe in owning my age. What’s the big secret is my philosophy. Best wishes on your birthday and in reaching your goal.

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  18. Happy birthday Annette! I considered taking a cottage on the Isle of Wight for my holiday four years ago, but went to Iceland instead 🙂 (not the store).
    I’ll be celebrating with you and have got the older guinea pigs thinking to you too (they’re good at that, the younger two haven’t learnt how to think to me yet).
    I didn’t realise you’d been away for so long. Keep safe and keep strong.
    Jemima and the boys xxxxx

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  19. Have a happy birthday and an even better upcoming year!

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  20. Holding home for Christmas for you dear Annette.

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