My Amazing Family

Often, I seem to forget that this a rough road for all

Yet, through everything you’ve never dropped the ball

I know when I am scared, it scares you too

Because sorting out the confusion appears to be dumped on you

When I am filled with regret of my tears and stress

I believe there will soon be days when you can have me at my best

No one could have predicted how much work this would be

So, we must stay focused on the time when we shall all be free

I do not like those times when I am truly a pill

But behind the frustration, you love me still

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

14 responses to “My Amazing Family

  1. Its so heart touching, and on the other side praising too. Thank you for sharing, Annette!

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  2. I especially liked this line: “I know when I am scared, it scares you too”

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  4. Lovely sentiments.

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  5. Life is like this, Annette. I didn’t realise a year ago how much stress and strain everyone being locked up together could add to relationships.

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