Itching, they say, means you are healing

Itching is uncomfortable

Itching to scratch

Itching to be moving on

Itching to do something else

Itching to change and change is good

Itching is good

Itching is a remarkable release

Itching is a creative force

Itching is to be thanked for reminding you that your world is about to open to something amazing

Itching is your powerful will telling you it’s about to kick in and lift you higher

No more bitching about itching

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

7 responses to “tingles

  1. The last line has a wonderful rhyme. Lol
    I hope you had a nice weekend, Annette! All the best for the coming week! Michael

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  2. There was a song once called “Itchycoo Park”

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  3. It is quite amazing, Annette, how you hit the nail on the head with your poems. I am itching for a change of background to my computer while I work.

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