Do The Hustle

Colleen Chesbro invited us to create our own format this week – I chose to combine SHADORMA (26 syllables) with TANKA (31 syllables) to form a Heinz 57 or Shatanka

Heard about

Class being offered

Life lessons

For guidance

To help me be open to

Living my purpose

So, I plunged right in

For all of twenty-one days

Felt the excitement

From the very first moment

I knew I’d done the right thing

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

11 responses to “Do The Hustle

  1. nice!! i like the heinz 57 reference

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  2. Beautiful! I like the name Shatanka!

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  3. Wonderful wooven, Annette! This combination of more different metrics is definitely higher math for me. 😉 Happy Independence Day! Have a wonderful celebration! xx Michael

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  5. Made me smile, Annette. I did this 21 day challenge and summarised each day’s learning with a Haiku. 😇

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