That Guy


Are no

Such things as

Scheduled chores

In my brother’s life

He’s a total pantser

Wakes each day in a sleep fog

Muddles about without a care

Then the clock looks him right in the eye

And the rumble deep inside him screams, NO!

Oh man! Oh man! His muttering mantra

If each job were to take ten minutes

He’d need twenty-seven hours

In every day to keep up

So, things he’s doing now

Are a month behind

It appears that

He’ll catch-up



©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

11 responses to “That Guy

  1. ha ha! I have a kajillian reminders on my phone, because i get distracted ….. i even write an acrostic that i’ll be posting soon. 🥴😆😉

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  2. Distraction is always the best. 😉 Keep calm, keep cool, keep happy! :-)) xx Michael

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  3. Hey, I think I know this guy.

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  5. He sounds like a relaxed kind of guy.

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