Still Smiling

Charli Mills wanted us to include feathers in our stories this week. I always find them and have for longer than I can recall. Here is a true story of how I came to understand what feathers would me to me forever.

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My best friend, Trina, used to say that every time she found a feather, it was a message from someone she loved, who was on the other side. She happened to mention this at her father’s celebration of life gathering when we found a feather inside her mother’s refrigerator. We smiled.

On the day of viewing Trina’s body, I was surrounded by our friends and her family. Her sister handed me a container filled with cookies that Trina had marked for me to have only minutes before she died. Left behind on the table was a feather. We smiled.

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

11 responses to “Still Smiling

  1. This is such a lovely piece, Annette.

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    • Thank you, Robbie. As soon as finished writing this, a bright color caused me to turn and look out of the window. There was a Cardinal, the most glorious shade of red hanging out in the tree at the end of the yard! I believe it was Trina!! She’s been gone 20 years now. But her presence is as clear to me as the last time we spoke (which was as the story eluded to) moments before she died. She hung up the phone from talking with me and dropped dead at her husband’s feet.

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  2. So glad I saw and LOVED your post on feathers! It inspired me to whip up a few magic feathers of my own for Carrot Ranch. LOL

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  4. This speaks volumes of the deep and unconditional friendship existing between these women. Feathers can be powerful symbols of love and connection to worlds beyond. Wonderful piece, Annette.

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