Summer in Suburbia

Charli Mills gave us the prompt of CACOPHONY this week. Dear me, I had to write about my neighbors. I live in a modest ranch house, with my sleeping/living quarters at the back of the house. I built this addition when thoughtful people lived next door. Alas, a couple with two small children, the woman’s mother, and father all moved in only two years later. Now the men are all gone, but there is a sister of the woman with the two children living there and all three of the women have male partners who LOVE to come over to party whether it is a weekday or a weekend day.

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The thumping bass of the stereo starts around nine in the morning and blares all day long. Cue the beer-drinking corn hole players who curse if they win and curse if they lose. Then there are the children who bounce from the trampoline into the pool while shrieking like bloody murder at the top of their lungs. Add to this, the poor dog who barks from one end of the yard to the other to remind them that he needs to eat. And when it starts at nine in the evening, it goes on until 4 in the morning.

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

14 responses to “Summer in Suburbia

  1. Hey, you are one of the first, with an answer. 😉 A great one too. Thank you for sharing, Annette! Enjoy a beautiful Sunday! xx Michael

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  2. I love the way you use sound in this!! You really depict this scene so vividly!

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  4. That is inconsiderate cacophony, Annette! What a crazy soundtrack to have to listen to when your neighbors are chaotic.

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  6. Yes, I feel this. I’m grateful that lockdowns have kept the local noise to a minimum, but I know the noisy gatherings are a must for many. Great take on the prompt Annette!

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  7. It’s a lovely small tale. Keep up ❤️😍

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