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The Pact

Charli Mills took us back to high school this week with the challenge of writing about “not everyone fits a prom dress.” It brought back memories of my Senior Prom and what I did instead of attending the dinner/dance. Of course, the irony for me was that minutes after making “the pact”, I was asked to the prom by the best-looking guy in the senior class. (deep sigh) I didn’t marry him either and he has never forgiven me for that, but that’s another story. Be sure to hang at the Carrot Ranch for loads of writing fun!

Senior prom, the biggest night of high school life, even bigger than homecoming. Cheryl was in tears. She had just been cast as the female lead for a local community theatre production of Butterflies Are Free. Of course, the production would run her senior prom weekend. It meant that she’d be the only one in her senior class who wouldn’t be at the prom.

Hearing her crying, her friend Annette promised to work backstage on the production so Cheryl wouldn’t be the only one not at the prom. There’d be at least one friend there for Cheryl’s big night!

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Haiku 9/2/21

Haiku Challenge

Lines drawn in the sand

Turtles to water

Climb over toe prints

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To Become One With an Attitude of Gratitude

Angel Messages September 2 2021

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!!