Get Lost in a Book

When was the last time you told someone to GET LOST! Well, if you’re an author, hopefully, it was just the other day. People who love to read, don’t really need an invitation to get lost… in a book that is!

September 6th, is:


Promote, as you see fit, all the reasons why someone should read one of your books! Perhaps, read one of your books over a connection such as ZOOM. Offer a free eBook. Leave paperback copies in coffee houses, on park benches, etc. Donate books to hospitals, nursing homes, or even prisons/jails.

Because you love books, be good to the books in your collection. Organize your collection in order of what you’ve read versus what you have yet to read. Or rank them in order of favorites or soon to be favorites. Dust their shelves… Books are your friends, so show them a good time!

Remember: #booksmakegreatgifts

Go on now, get lost!

16 responses to “Get Lost in a Book

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Annette! Enjoy a wonderful weekend! xx Michael

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  3. What a great idea, Annette.

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  4. Celebrating! BIG TIME!!!!!

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  5. I never get to realise these days until they’re halfway through! Well, never too late, I suppose 🙂

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