Daily Archives: September 28, 2021

Harvest Moon

Fields are overflowing

Represent summer’s toil

Gifts from abundant soil

Equinox shift

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben


Somethings Old Somethings New

Over the years, she’s changed

Hair has silver sprinkles

Skin has folds and wrinkles

She’s shrunk an inch

But underneath it all

Her eyes are still quite blue

Her heart is ever true

She loves to laugh

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

The Trinity

Every author needs a favorite chair! Charli Mills prompted us to write about an author’s chair this week for the 99-word flash fiction challenge at the Carrot Ranch  Make sure you FOLLOW Charli to the ranch for these weekly writing opportunities and SO MUCH MORE!

Wandering through an estate sale, Michelle hoped they had an old wooden roll-top desk. If it had a matching chair, all the better.

Dan was constantly rearranging items as other items sold. It was his goal to see that everything would catch the eye of the right person.

He had barely moved the Remington typewriter to a more prominent place when he heard a gasp. Michelle couldn’t believe her eyes. There was her roll-top desk with a matching chair!

She handed him a check for all three. After all, a writer needed a desk, a chair, and a typewriter.

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben


Angel Messages September 28 2021

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!!