Smooth Sailing

Charli Mills challenges us to get all wet this week with a topic taking us across the water. I smiled immediately for it brought back the memories of the family swimming pool. If you enjoy being prompted to write AND to smile, then you must FOLLOW the Carrot Ranch and give it a go!

It was the summer of 1968. The year the Detroit Tigers won the pennant and the year our family bought a pool for our backyard!

The pool store threw in a variety of pool toys as a bonus, one of which was a six-foot Styrofoam surfboard. Temptation got the better of us and as long as our parents were at work…

We used the deck to hold it in place and with a running start, we’d jump onto the board. The force sent us sailing into the opposite pool wall. Oh yeah, we were never bored on that board!

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben


11 responses to “Smooth Sailing

  1. I can just feel the joy! It must have been so much fun!

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  2. Sounds grea,t Annette. I too grew up in Detroit but didn’t have a pool.

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  3. Sweet memories without the observation by the parents. 😉 Like the story about the mice and the cat, out of the house. Lol xx Michael

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  5. I would have rather the Twins had won the pennant but you can’t have everything! The pool and the surfboard sound like a perfect way to enjoy a summer!

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