O My Goodness!

I don’t remember exactly how I became a member of an Indie Artist Group but I was thrilled beyond explanation when the following event took place.

Thank you to Charli Mills for the opportunity to relive a special memory with her prompt this week of Film Festivals. Check out all the terrific challenges and interviews at The Carrot Ranch anytime!

Shannon started the Indie Artist Group for opportunities to get amazing, unique works of art into the hands of those who might never see them otherwise.

The entire group was excited, their art was going to be part of swag bags handed out at The Sundance Film Festival that year! Some made jewelry, others painted pictures, and some designed cards.

Shannon hosted their table in the celebrity lounge with a broad smile and hearty handshake. She was cool and calm greeting celebrities but nothing prepared her to meet the person who asked for an extra bag for Oprah Winfrey!

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

Oh, and here is what I put into the bags. Cards made from a picture I drew of an Angel and each of the 4 different colored cards had a different message on the back!

14 responses to “O My Goodness!

  1. Wow, what a moment! And I love the idea of working to get all sorts of creative writing out there where people who will love it can experience it.

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    • I had a blast with this group for several years. It wasn’t cheap, as vendors PAY big $$ to have their swag bags handed out. AND they have to provide at least 100 bags, which means that each artist had to provide 100 worthy items along with a $250 – $500 fee each to cover costs. Shannon needed a minimum of 20 artists for each bag. And we were such small potatoes in a field of heavy hitters. Great memories for sure.

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  2. very very interesting

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  3. Wow! How gorgeous 🙂

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  4. Oh, wow! That would be amazing, Annette!

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