World Kindness Day 2021

Here we are, World Kindness Day, 2021! Naturally making a special day for kindness seems a bit strange as finding ways to express kindness daily is a wonderful way to live.

So, how many ways can you find to express kindness? Perhaps you are a hugger. You might be the person who pays it forward at the fast-food drive-thru. Some people handle yardwork for neighbors.

While World Kindness Day is celebrated every November 13th, you might find your list of ways to express kindness to be so lengthy, that you have plenty to share for the rest of this year and beyond!

 Thank you for all the kindness you have showered upon me and you have yet to bestow. I humbly accept and promise to generously pass all the love along!


8 responses to “World Kindness Day 2021

  1. Annette, you are the Queen of kindness!

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  2. the random acts of kindness website (that I love) has great calendars if anyone ‘needs’ ideas on how to DO kindness. Just sayin’ Thanks for the kindness you show here. You are the best, Annette. Stay sweet. Thanks.

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  3. Kindness begins with a smile from within. Everything else follows naturally.
    Thank you for your kindness, Annette 💖

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  4. Loving it and sharing the love… 😍💞 xo

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